Online music collaboration services. Short list

Modern life involves thinking and living globally. Touring, traveling, new relationships: before today the musicians sat in the Studio and recorded a track together and now they can write a song together being far away from each other. To simplify the process of writing songs there are services which are called music collaboration platforms.

Splice ( was launched as private beta in October 2013.  Splice is a cloud-based collaboration platform where you may integrate your favorite DAW. It has auto-backup, online/offline collaboration mode with amazing visualization.

BandLab  ( is a brand new service started summer 2015. BandLab gives you and your collaborators access to all of your projects on all devices with ability to invite others for development them with you any place on Earth any time. landing-devices@2x-3f23ce9139

Kompoz ( is perfect for crowdsource your next track. It is also connected to SoundBlend, the only music store dedicated to crowdsourced music.

Blend  ( is very ‘music fans oriented’ service where anyone may discover original new music and participate in the creation. Some established artists like Moby and Erasure used the platform to share their music.

All music services described above are good in their own way. Now your it’s your choice to decide which of these services take on arms. Good luck!

Text written by Oleg Ilyushin ( 2016 ; Photo credits: Splice; BandLab Technologies

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