Top 10 Dance Music blogs today


1. (Dancing Astronaut) Hailed by Billboard Magazine as “the voice of the EDM generation,” Dancing Astronaut is a website dedicated to good dance music. The outlet’s diverse multimedia content includes breaking news, track releases, event reviews, radio mixes and video footage from all corners of the dance music spectrum. Founded by Kevin Kaiser and currently run by Senthil Chidambaram and Zeyad Assaf.

2. (Your EDM) Your EDM is one of the most reputable, visited and recognized publication in the world of Electronic Dance Music. With over 4 million monthly visitors, has continuously sought to deliver the most up to date, accurate and poignant news related to the EDM scene. Based out of Seattle, Washington with an ever-growing staff of journalists, photographers, and videographers from around the country has been capable of creating and maintaining unparalleled coverage of this ever-growing industry. Founded by Elliot Sachs.

3. (Harder Blogger Faster) Harder Blogger Faster (HBF) is a electronic music blog based in Manchester, UK – it was started in June 2009 by freelance journalist Andrew Rafter, and has contributors across the world including Bristol, Dublin, LA, London, Manchester and San Francisco. Through a constant stream of news, reviews, features, track giveaways, interviews and competitions, HBF has garnered a loyal following of the most up-to-date and music-savvy readers online.

4. (IHouseu) Started on 1 April 2004 and since then it calls itself a number one house music community. Lots of fresh new music. Artist’s friendly content submissions. Run by Adam Giddens & Gemma Pouse.

5. (EDM Sauce) EDM Sauce is one of the largest independent websites dedicated to new Electronic Dance Music, News, Technology and Humor. It also futures a great store with a wide variety of new rave wear and attire for festivals. Founded on 11 April 2012 by ‘Stevo’ Steven Jacobs.

6. (Deep House Amsterdam / DH London / DH Ibiza) Deep House Amsterdam caters to the most engaged segment of electronic music lovers, fans of the deeper side of house music. DHA platform is comprised of editorial and streaming audio content that educates and converts new electronic music fans in over 200 countries/area’s daily. Since launching in March 2012, Deep House Amsterdam has amassed over 33 Million plays from its AMS and LDN accounts. This breaks down to 500K plays per week.


7. ( EDM.Com is a part of The EDM Network ( which generates over 2,600,000 plays per day for artists of all sizes and styles. With over 8 million loyal, active, and highly engaged subscribers (now growing at over 300,000 new followers per month), The EDM Network has the ability to curate the hottest new material for a massive international audience, allowing for a rapid acceleration of artist growth and development on a truly unprecedented scale. Based in Denver, Colorado (USA).

8. (InTheMix by Junkee) InTheMix is a part of Australian pop culture title Junkee. The content they create each day is designed to go beyond the headline, to inform, intrigue, provoke and occasionally make you laugh. The project managed by Steph Harmon.

9. (Gotta Dance Dirty) Online electronic music publication featuring tracks and mixes available for download, event information, and relevant news for the electronic music community. Gotta Dance Dirty covers electronic music worldwide along with events in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Colorado, London, and Miami. Founded by Jonah Berry in 2008.

10. (iVoice / Ibiza Voice) Hype, Lies & Gossip. When you read this claim as a headline you´re probably already scrolling through the pages of, an international blog about electronic music. I Voice has always believed their job is to bring you the best music available and let you be the judge of it. Founded by Samuel Guetta.

Text credits: compiled by Oleg Ilyushin; Photo Credits: photos courtesy of Oleg Ilyushin/ (Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 2.0)

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